Shifters for bicycles – what they are, types and repair of shifters

The popularity of bicycles is increasing every day. The multi-speed models, which can be used both for riding around town and for keeping fit, are in particular demand. As their popularity grows, so does the technical sophistication of the bikes. Many owners who buy multi-speed models find that the gear-shifting device is not so primitive. For example, do you know what a bike shifter or shifters are?

What are bicycle shifters?

bike shifting levers

This is a handlebar-mounted mechanism that allows you to change gears. For the uninitiated, a bike shifter is what you have to push to change speeds. Shifters are often called shifters because in English this part is called shifters. Let’s try to understand in more detail the question of what the shifters on the bike and what their main features are.

Types of shifters


Depending on the design features, we can distinguish the following types of bike shifters:

  1. triggered;
  2. “gripshift”;
  3. “dual-control”.

Most cyclists prefer trigger shifters. Dual control is an advanced gear-shifting device that is most commonly found on high-end bicycles.

How to replace shifters yourself

Like any other assembly, bike shifters need timely maintenance. Many people prefer to do this when a noticeable layer of dirt appears on the shifters, but service experts recommend paying attention to this part more often to avoid breakage. If there is a cracking, jamming or any other problems, you should rebuild and clean the shifters, and then lubricate the part.

If you’ve never done this, it’s better to give the shifters to a knowledgeable craftsman, because shifters are a sensitive device, which requires a delicate attitude. If you have the slightest idea of how to replace the shifter on a bicycle, with their own hands to do it is quite realistic.

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How to disassemble, clean and reassemble the shifting levers

disassembling and reassembling a bicycle handlebars

If you cleaned and lubricated the shifters, but this did not improve their performance, you have to think about replacing the flywheels. Let’s look at the basic steps of disassembly:

  1. Remove the body from the steering tube, unscrew its lower part and take out, then unscrew the upper part. After these manipulations, the ratchet mechanism should appear: it should be cleaned of dirt and lubricated with bicycle oil.
  2. Use pliers to unscrew the center nut, take out the levers and the clamping element. Unscrew the screw that holds the whole body with the ratchet mechanism and pull it out together with the cable. Separate the plastic element.
  3. It is undesirable to disassemble the pull-up dog, as its assembly is a time-consuming and laborious process.
  4. Pull the levers apart by prying open the springs at the joint between the levers. Clean and lubricate the mechanism elements.
  5. Reassemble the shifter in reverse order.

During repair, it is important to keep all parts separate from each other, laying them out in chronological order of disassembly, so as not to get confused. This will help to adjust the mechanism correctly.


The shifters are an integral component of a bicycle that has more than one gear. Depending on your riding style, you should choose the shifting levers. For highway models, pistols or monoblocs, for mountain models, triggers, for example. Like any other part, shifters require periodic cyclist attention and maintenance.

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    The shifter enables me to change speeds without any problems. Of course, I keep track of the shifter and, if necessary, repair it. And it’s not hard, it’s enough to try it once.

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    Great article about bike shifters! I never knew there were so many different types of shifters available. It’s really helpful to have an understanding of the different types and how to repair them if something goes wrong. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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