Stop light on a bicycle – what is it, how to make your own hands

Today’s bikers have become full-fledged road users. Riding with the “wind” is not only fun, but also dangerous. According to statistics, cyclists are considered the most vulnerable road users. Unsafe road infrastructure, lack of lights and reflective elements on bicycles lead to increased injury rates, exceeding those of motorcyclists by 3 times. The WHO website has a special document on technical measures for road safety. A bicycle stop light is called an essential attribute of two-wheeled transport.

What is a bicycle stop light

What is a stop light on a bicycle

A brake light on a two-wheeled vehicle is a connection to a storage discharge element by means of a switch attached to the actuator cable. The warning lights, regardless of bike model, pavement quality and weather, make the bicycle visible at all times of day. In addition to marking the bike, the purpose of the stop light is to warn passing traffic of the rider’s intention to apply the brake or turn sideways. At the same time as the red light turns on a sound signal that attracts the attention of pedestrians and drivers. The device is placed on the seatpost, sometimes on the trunk. Many modern models have stop lights that light up automatically when braking the bike.

Main types of information device

Type of Warning Light Features Functions disadvantages/advantages
Powered Front and rear stop presence
Remote control light signal is attached to the handlebar
Indicates turns when riding
Warns you when braking
Lots of wires
Weak LEDs
Rugged design
Wireless Battery operated
Holds charge for 2.5 days
Stop light comes on thanks to built-in accelerometer
Reacts instantly and responds when braking Accumulated power bank-like electricity can be used for smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices in the field
Revolights New type of two-wheeled lighting
The lights are mounted on the back and sides of the bike
Light output directed at the ground and road signs
Does not disturb motorists
Rugged device is not afraid of rain, mud, snow
No additional wires
Stylish design
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When installing a light device on a bicycle with hydraulic brakes, use a micro switch (such as the DM3-03P-25), which is installed in the middle of the brake handlebar. The wire is stretched along the frame and connected to the light.

Is it possible to make stop lights with your own hands?

The market provides a huge selection of lights from cheap (short-lived) to expensive automatic. For example, a “smart” rear brake light firm MEROKA (China) itself turns on and off. The device “understands” when it is light outside and when it is night. But you do not need to shell out dozens of dollars to buy. It is not difficult to make a stop signal yourself. Homemade mechanism helps to protect yourself while riding, make the cyclist visible and predictable.

Necessary tools

LED strip

You do not need special knowledge and practical skills to assemble the device yourself. Prepare a screwdriver, soldering iron, spring, duct tape and the following materials:

  • LED strip (red or orange);
  • 12 volt extra-low voltage battery
  • wire (2 wires);
  • insulated plate
  • spring;
  • Regular bicycle lantern.


  1. Fasten the diode tape (or flashlight) to the bike’s top feathers with duct tape or scotch tape.
  2. Secure with cable ties under the seat.
  3. Place the battery in a convenient location that does not interfere with your riding.
  4. Connect the pole lead (plus) to the LED strip.
  5. Place the spring on the brake cable and attach the wire.
  6. On the attached metal plate, connect the battery minus with a soldering iron.
  7. The circuit will close when the brake is applied.

Your own handmade bicycle stop light will light up.


To rule out possible errors, check the operation of the finished device. The value of the working charge on the battery below 5 V indicates a malfunction of the system.

Homemade devices are not recommended for use in bad weather. The system may malfunction and make riding unsafe in rain or snowfall.

Treat the joints of the light with a sealant.

Put on a rubber or silicone seal (ring) to keep moisture and precipitation out.

Study the traditional signals the cyclist uses when turning and braking.


Cyclist visibility is essential to biker safety on the road. The light warns of pre-braking, indicates a moving object in low visibility conditions. Stop signal helps even on unlit tracks to see the maneuvers of the bicycle. There are thousands of products from around the world on the Internet for bicycles. In Russia, Plus service with affordable and expedited delivery has begun to work. Choose feet from well-known manufacturers in specialized stores.

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