Pump track – what is it, the reason for its popularity

The number of Pump Tracks grows every year, not only around the world, but also in our country. Especially pleasing is their high level. What is a pump track and why it is so popular – tell us below.

What is a pump track


So, pump track – what is it? This is a sports and entertainment object. Translated from English pump track – “speeding up, rocking track. Now pump track – it is nothing more than a sports closed track, consisting of composite modules of different geometries and shapes. Movement of riders in the pump track is carried out by translational motion without additional pushes legs or twisting pedals. That’s why the basis for successful operation of pump track is its correct trajectory and geometry.

This universal track is used for rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, longboards and scooters. There are no age restrictions – suitable for both children’s and adult use.

History of skating technique

Modern pumptracks descended from VMX tracks, which were built at the end of the last century. The first pumptrack was invented in 2003 by downhillers from Australia. They created a track on which the rider moved not by pedaling, but by accelerating on gradients.

To ride taught the technique of passing the “waves” – in the pits of the bike “squeezes” and on bumps “relaxes”. To properly “swing” the pumptrack and bumps, it is important to get the technique right. It is useful not only on the pumptrack, but also in most cycling disciplines.

The movements of pumptrack have common features with other riding styles, so they unite many athletes and fans. For example, it turned out to unite Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances fans and mtb downhill fans. Both enjoy competing on pumptracks.

Pamp tracks these days

the track for the pumple track

The unusual shape of a bicycle track allows for a harmonious landscape design of the site. They are often installed next to other playgrounds and sports fields. They aesthetically fit into a single concept of general landscaping.

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A huge plus is the modular track system, which makes it easy to change track configurations and use it differently. For example, at one time use an amateur pump track, and by adding and changing the configuration, arrange competitions.

Suitable for placement in every recreation park, on the territory of sports facilities, residential complexes, shopping centers, educational institutions, which have a suitable area.

To install the jump track does not require a specially prepared base in the form of a concrete floor or asphalt – it is enough of a sandy tamped base.

The reason for its popularity

Pump track has many advantages:

  1. Affordability and minimal maintenance needs. You can ride at any time of year.
  2. Versatility. The tracks are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.
  3. Sharp sensations. Pamp refers to extreme sports.
  4. The benefits for health. In addition to the fact that it is a fascinating track, pamp track – it is also a full-fledged fitness trainer. Such riding increases concentration, improves coordination, trains the cardiovascular system, develops various muscle groups and in general increases self-confidence.
  5. Spectacle. Watching an event is fun for viewers of all ages.

Tips for choosing and setting up a bike for the jump track

The bike for the pamp track choose a dart/street hardtail. The stiffer the bike, the better and more effective pumping. Also take into account such nuances:

  • Comfortable frame geometry allows you to sit comfortably over the unit. Lower the saddle as low as possible so that it does not interfere with moving over the bike.
  • A short handlebar overhang gives more maneuverability in corners.
  • Inflate the tire pressure more (the allowable pressure is indicated on the tire itself).
  • You can either lock the fork here or leave it running, then it will help jump out or “pump” more effectively. There is a table on the fork with permissible pressure for each weight: take your weight, add 20 kilos to it and inflate, so that suspension is not pressed.
  • It is desirable to have tires with a bald tread.

Before you go it is necessary to wear protective gear (helmet, full face, gloves, kneepads, elbow pads), as there is always a possibility of injury. In addition, it is important to stretch.


The volume of demand for pamp tracks in profile companies is rapidly increasing. Such sports and entertainment designs are rapidly developing and gaining more and more fans. And no wonder, because there are a lot of advantages with pump track.

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