Biker-cross – features and differences from other styles of riding

Biker cross is a high-speed bicycle race. In Europe, this sport enjoys great popularity, though it is called “4X” or “4cross”, but in the U.S. biker-cross is known as “mountain cross”. Despite the fact that the duration of the race is not more than a minute, the pleasure of the action received by both participants and spectators.

Rules of biker cross

what is biker cross

In the biker cross on bikes involves 4 people. There are other types of riding, such as “biker super cross”, which involves 6 people at once.

This young discipline mountain bike in some ways close to the boarder-cross, but in fact, it came from BMX racing, or rather from motocross.

Races are held on the complex but short tracks with gradients and obstacles. Before the contest participants are allowed to walk around the track to understand what awaits them. After getting acquainted with the track, the competition begins. Spectacle and dynamism of the event on a biker-cross attracts more and more fans every year.

Before the start of the competition everyone who wants to register. After that they are allowed to the stages of the competition:

  • Qualifying round. Conducted single races on time. Go to the next stage, those who show the best results. Of the riders who passed the qualifying round, form a group of 4 people.
  • Semifinal of bikecross. According to the results of the race, two participants from each group of four pass to the next stage, who reached the finish line first.

Then is given time to rest. After the break, riders who were eliminated in the semifinals, gather to compete for places 5-8.

  • Biker Cross Finals. Races to determine the winner. Biker-cross competitors start at the same time and move in the same direction. Contact between riders is allowed, but only if it is unintentional. Otherwise it may result in disqualification. The main task for the four competitors is to reach the finish line first. If one of the competitors falls while overcoming the track, the remaining riders do not stop the tournament.
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  • The length of the distance in the bikecross is no more than 250 meters.
  • Wide bike paths that leave room for maneuvering.
  • In biker-cross choose a course with a moderate slope and natural landscape obstacles. If these are not available, then the descents and turns are equipped with artificial. On the route avoided climbs, so that riders do not have to pedal heavily.
  • Before the race you should do some exercises to warm up your muscles.
  • To win here, good reaction and leadership skills are important, as well as the right bike.

What is the right bike for biker cross

Not every bicycle is suitable for competition. To reduce the acceleration time on which the result depends, it is desirable to choose a stiff and malleable bike with certain technical parameters:


  1. Hardtail – a bike with a rigid fork and without shock absorption of the rear wheel. The most suitable frames are those of the Rampage, YetY and Santa Cruz jackal.
  2. Compact frame with short feathers. Short feathers are a must for trick bikes. They are best suited for hard riding, they bend less, transmit power to the wheel better and allow you to control the bike during the jump.
  3. A short stroke fork helps when building an ultralight bike.
  4. Contact pedals allow for a “circular pedaling” effect.
  5. The wheels are 26 inches. Beginners should buy inexpensive options from “Dartmoor” or “CODE”, and for professionals – “Mavic”.
  6. Riding tires. Beginners need the same tires on both wheels, but professionals can experiment and install different tires. For example, on the front wheel with a small tread and studded on the rear wheel. Suitable brands are Cross Mark, Maxxis and Larsen TT.
  7. The weight is 12-13 kg. The lighter the bike, the easier it is to overcome obstacles.

All these characteristics are aimed at improving maneuverability and speed performance. Such a bike quickly and confidently starts, as well as high stability.

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It is acceptable to use elements of Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances or cyclocross, such as derailleurs and brakes, in the design of the device.

Since the competition does not last long, you do not need to take a lot of extra things with you, so as not to increase the total weight. The main thing – do not forget about protective equipment: helmet, goggles, knee pads and elbow pads. In case of a fall, it will protect the participant from injury. Bruises and abrasions in this sport – a common thing.

Those who try themselves in bikecross, should be perfectly physically prepared and have a filigree bike – the slightest confusion in the sport is fraught not only with the loss of precious seconds, but also with serious injuries. But this does not stop true connoisseurs of thrills.

Differences from other styles of skiing

Mountain biking has more than 10 riding styles, and that’s not counting the fact that some species have their own subspecies.

Cross country, Uphill—how-to-learn–tips and biker cross have a more sporty flavor and are less extreme. Biker-cross is more of a sporty ride. Although without the extreme, too, if by extreme we mean something that goes beyond a quiet ride. It is worth emphasizing that it is a skiing for results, so participants are preparing for the competition. Street, slopestyle, dart-jumping are aimed more at getting some pleasant emotions. Also many people choose:

  • Dual-slalom – descending the mountain in a race between two participants.
  • Downhill – high-speed downhill on difficult terrain.
  • BMX-race – racing on dirt, similar to motocross.
  • Cross-country – Cross-country—what-it-is–nuances racing, the sport has become Olympic.
  • Trials – hard coordinated kind of skiing.
  • Dirt – overcoming trails with a series of jumps.

Building a track for competitions in 4X is much more budget-friendly than for most other cycling disciplines.


Those who love cycling adrenaline are going to measure themselves by taking part in the competition. The task of arriving first – not an easy one. Bikecross tracks are full of dangerous turns and counter-curves. In addition, the rules allow athletes to start in fours, and you can not interfere with a rival. Biker-cross is a dynamic and spectacular kind of cycling. While it has not yet received a strong development in our country, but it’s only a matter of time.

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