How to ride a bicycle correctly on the roadway

A bicycle is a means of transportation. Accordingly, the person driving it must obey the traffic rules and avoid critical situations on the road. Recently, two-wheeled transport is becoming more and more popular: you can go to work or school, to the stores and other things. Unfortunately, it is not always convenient to ride on special bicycle lanes, because they are also used by pedestrians. In addition, not every city has equipped areas for two-wheeled transport. So there is quite a logical question: what side of the road should the cyclist ride on, so as not to violate traffic rules and not to create emergency situations? Let’s analyze in detail the main aspects.

Safety conditions

benefits of using a bike

Moving around the city on a bicycle has a lot of advantages. It is not surprising that an increasing number of citizens give preference to this type of transport. And the advantages, by the way, quite a lot:

  1. Efficiency. Moving around the city on a bicycle, you will not spend money on gasoline. Yes, maintenance of two-wheeled transport also requires investments, but they are insignificant compared to how much you have to spend to maintain the car.
  2. The advantage on the road. At a time when half of the inhabitants of the city are already an hour in traffic jams, being late everywhere, a bicyclist, nimbly maneuvering between the rows of cars, arrives at his destination in time and has time to drink a cup of coffee before the start of the day.
  3. Staying healthy. Cycling is optimal exercise for your muscles, cardiovascular system and joints, as well as breathing exercises. Scientists have proven that daily cycling helps improve health and prevent heart disease.

In addition, the cyclist will pass on any road and squeeze into even the narrowest alley, which can not be said about the car. But all this does not mean that the cyclist can safely ride where he pleases. There are certain rules and safety measures that every road user must follow to avoid causing accidents on the road. They especially relate to the rules of cycling on the roadway. But we will not get ahead of the curve, and to begin with find out from what age can control two-wheeled transport, traveling on the road.

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At what age is it allowed to ride a bicycle on the roadway

So, according to Section 24 of the Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation, cyclists over the age of 14 years old can ride on the roadway:

  1. On paths equipped for pedestrians and cyclists.
  2. On the right edge of the carriageway.
  3. On the shoulder or sidewalk.

One thing to be clear here: each subsequent item in this list implies that all previous items are excluded. For example, a cyclist can ride on the shoulder if there are no special pedestrian paths or movement on the right edge of the carriageway is impossible.

Rules of cycling on the roadway

One gets the impression that all of the traffic regulations concerning cyclists are concentrated in section 24 of the relevant RF document. But this is not entirely true: the fact is that the main document divides all traffic participants into different groups. For example, a person riding a bicycle is the driver of the vehicle. And a person who simply drives it in his hands already becomes a pedestrian. According to the rules of cycling on the roadway, the driver must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Move only on a vehicle that is in good working order.
  2. Keep an optimum speed and distance from other vehicles.
  3. Adhere to road markings and pay attention to traffic signals.
  4. Mark your further steps (turning, stopping, etc.) accordingly.

In addition, there are certain requirements that apply to the bicycle itself as a means of transport.

In a city

You need to decide on which side of the road a cyclist should ride in a city. This is quite a controversial issue, as some believe that you have to ride in the direction of traffic, while others believe that “against the wool”. In order not to be unsubstantiated and not to be confused by advice, it is better to refer to the rules of the road of the Russian Federation, where black and white defines the position of the bicycle on the road: the course of the traffic, trying to keep as far to the right as possible. This can be the side of the road or the right lane in multi-lane traffic.

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Of great importance is the speed at which the cyclist moves in the general flow of traffic. According to the rules of cycling on the roadway in the city, the bicycle driver should try to maintain a high enough speed to move in sync with the cars, that is, about 20 km / hr. Going too slow can create an obstacle for other drivers.

Outside the city

When riding outside the city limits, cyclists have some indulgence, but that doesn’t mean they can now move as they please. According to the rules for cycling on the roadway outside the city, a person operating a two-wheeled vehicle must ride on the right-hand edge of the roadway. At the same time, the cyclist must mark himself and his bicycle with reflective elements and cataphotos.

Going through intersections and crossing the road


There are four possible ways to get through an intersection: go straight, turn left, right, and reverse. Turning right is allowed for cyclists at all types of intersections. At the same time, the bicycle driver should indicate his further actions: extended right hand – turn to the right, left hand, respectively – to the left. How to ride a bicycle on the carriageway correctly if you are a participant of a column? In this case, you should keep a distance (at least 1.5 meters), as well as adhere to the general speed limit.


It is advisable for cyclists to choose routes with low traffic, to eliminate the possibility of creating accidents. Certainly, experienced drivers may ride freely on wide avenues, but it is better to prefer quieter stretches of road. It is also worth refraining from driving on highways, where there are heavy vehicles. Don’t forget that a truck and a bicycle are not comparable things.


Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude: the cyclist – the same road user, who must strictly follow the rules and recommendations, so as not to create emergency situations. So take care of yourself and be careful on the roads!

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