How to find a stolen bicycle – tips and advice

How do you find a stolen bicycle? It is an extremely unfortunate accident, faced with which each owner at first experiences frustration and sometimes helplessness. Therefore, having found a missing bicycle, first of all try to cope with your emotions, and then make a clear plan of action. We tell you a few effective ways to find your stolen bike, no matter where you live.

The first step is to report the incident to the appropriate authorities. When you go to the police or call the officers, prepare the documents for your bike (technical passport, warranty card, purchase receipt, etc.). Keep in mind that the valiant police officers need the bike’s serial number and a detailed description, so try to make as detailed a description as possible.

First Actions

police call

For many people, a two-wheeler is the only means of transportation, so its disappearance is a really big trouble. If you realized that your iron friend is stolen, try to cope with your emotions and act as follows:

  1. Call the police to the scene.
  2. Look around carefully and try to find witnesses to what happened.
  3. Examine the area for suspicious footprints (it is possible that the thief fled the scene on your own bike).
  4. Determine if there are security cameras nearby (it is possible that they will show the image of the hijacker).

Arriving police officers will act according to instructions: they will record the raw data, interview witnesses, take statements from the victim, make a request for video footage from surveillance cameras, and check all the persons who have been in their field of vision for a long time.

While law enforcement officers are doing their job, you can also contribute to the search effort. Especially since in recent times, the police do not have a lot of confidence in the population, so most often the authorities do not have much hope. Do people find stolen bicycles? They do, but not without the help of the owners themselves. To say that law enforcement officers are purposefully going out in search of and taking all necessary measures, is not possible.

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Is it possible to find a stolen bike on your own

It is quite possible. Moreover, more often than not, the owners of stolen bikes find their missing by themselves, acting quickly and intelligently. So, to catch the criminal, you need to think like a criminal. Try to imagine yourself in his place: what would you do with the stolen item? It is clear that he stole it just to make money, which means that the bike will be sold or the whole or broken up into parts, to hide traces. From this and you need to start if you do not know where to look for a stolen bike.

Local forums and message boards


Start monitoring all kinds of forums and websites where bicycles and bicycle accessories are sold. This can be themed flea markets, city pages in social networks, sites with databases of missing things. Post relevant information about the theft in these threads, with as much detail as possible and photos of the bike.

Don’t forget to leave a phone number and provide additional contacts. Do not rely on chatting. From time to time browsing large internet sites, where used things can be sold: “Avito”, “Iz Ruk v Ruki”, “Yula”, etc. Look for similar models, contact the author of the ad, inspect the bike carefully and call the police if you see your stolen bike in front of you.

Search ads with rewards

Make a simple “finder’s fee” ad, promising the finder a good reward. Try to be as precise and specific as possible so you don’t get disturbed by empty phone calls. Post as many copies as possible.

Count on the vigilance of your fellow citizens – many have been in the same situation, so the attitude toward thieves is extremely negative.

Bicycle repair shops

This is another place where you should look for your missing bicycle or what is left of it. There are also quick-witted people who know that it is easier to sell a whole bicycle, but it is easier to find, and it may take a long time to find a dismantled bike.

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In addition, by contacting craftsmen with a detailed description of the bike as soon as possible, you will get ahead of the thief’s actions. In all likelihood, a good bike will go for parts, so a visit to repair shops is a must. Don’t forget to leave your contacts in case the thief brings the “found” bike to the shop to sell it for parts.

What to do next

Suppose you found an ad for the sale of his blood. If you’re 100% sure that they’re selling your model, don’t try to act on your own and certainly don’t call from your phone number to make an appointment. Call the police and tell them that you found your lost model and then follow the instructions of the law.

If you accidentally saw your lost bike, parked near the store, do not rush to clarify relations with its new owner – it is possible that the man bought your bike from a thief, not knowing that the transport is wanted. Again, call the police and act according to protocol.

When looking for your bike, try to keep as much information as possible to prove that you are the owner (photos of documents and the bike itself, a detailed description, etc.).

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choosing a bike after the old one went missing

You shouldn’t throw your head in the clouds and beat yourself up over it indefinitely. Remember that your health is much more important than even the best bicycle. If the search was not successful, let the situation go and wish “happiness” to the person who stole your property from the porch. Start choosing a new model, to somehow distract yourself from distressing thoughts.

And the last thing – do not remain indifferent, if suddenly you happen to witness actions similar to theft of a bicycle. Turn on the video camera on your phone and address the potential intruder with the words: “Hello. Can you please tell me if this is your bicycle?”. Watch for a reaction.

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Bicycle theft is a very common occurrence. To find the transport, you need to try as quickly as possible to take all necessary actions: calm down, call the police, write a statement about the loss, and then act independently, anticipating the actions of the intruder. And remember that this unfortunate accident can happen to anyone, so secure your property from dishonest people: buy a good lock and try to leave your bike in places where there are video surveillance cameras.

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