Do you need documents for a bicycle: how to make, sample

Do I need documents for my bicycle? For some reason, most owners think that these are absolutely useless papers that are needed purely for formality. And now imagine some situations: your bike was stolen or someone else’s bike was stolen, and your iron horse completely corresponds to the description of the missing model. And what will you do? Without documents, you won’t even be able to write a missing persons report and prove your innocence. In fact, there are quite a lot of situations where you need documents for the bike. And now we will figure out where and how you can get them.

What are the bicycle documents

What the bicycle documents look like

Formally, the cyclist is not required to have the documents for the bike with him all the time. But in case of unforeseen situations (when you are stopped by a traffic police officer) they will significantly save time and nerves. In addition, we should not forget that in recent years, bicycles have become a common vehicle, which means that the risk of becoming a victim of abusers is quite high. In order for you to go to the police and write a report on the theft, you need to have the appropriate documents. What are these? Typically, this is the technical passport of the vehicle, as well as a receipt of payment. The bicycle passport can replace the warranty card. The documents should contain the following information:

  • The name of the bicycle and its model;
  • color and a brief description;
  • size and frame number (the latter is stamped on the carriage unit between the pedals at the bottom and is shown as two lines, on the top is the batch number, and the bottom is a code of 6-7 digits).

The data sheet should also include information about the seller (name and address of the store), the date and time of purchase, the value of the bike and, of course, the stamp or stamp. The document can look differently: it can be an ordinary sheet of A4 format or a full-fledged book, which in addition to the above information, contains recommendations for the operation of the vehicle. The receipt in this case is simply attached to the official documents.

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What documents do bikers need?

bike data sheet

Of course, it is better to buy a bike in a trusted store with a solid reputation. They will give out the appropriate documents and fill out the technical passport correctly, and tell you that repaint the frame and glue the serial number just can not. Also the seller will neatly attach the receipt of purchase and warn the buyer that he mustn’t lose these papers in any case.

Based on the above, we can conclude that every bicycle owner should have documents containing information about the time and place of purchase of the bike, as well as its main characteristics, including the serial number indicated on the frame.

When you need bicycle paperwork

street bike

The most common case is theft. The victim must go to the police, stating the name of the bike and its model, color and registration number in the statement. Without this information, no one will accept a missing persons report. The second case is when the police officers suspect you of theft, that is, your bike matches the description of another person’s missing bike. By showing your documents, you confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle, thereby removing your suspicion.

When you are planning to sell your bike, the question of what documents you need for your bike may be on the minds of a potential buyer. Most people buy a vehicle to protect their investment and worry about their own safety. They don’t want any problems, so they are more likely to buy a bike from someone who can provide the right paperwork.

Advice When Buying

bicycle purchase

So that in the future you do not have to wonder where to get the documents for the bike, buy the vehicle in a proven store where the seller clearly knows how the technical passport and warranty card should be filled out. Having the documents on the bike, you will not have to worry about the safety of the vehicle. If you decide to buy an iron horse from hand, then the seller should also give you the appropriate papers. When buying a bike in an online store or other dubious place, carefully study the attractive offers. Behind the low cost may hide a desire to quickly get rid of stolen goods. In this case you may become a victim of an intruder, that is, the fact of the theft will be on your conscience.

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Making a purchase, check that you have the necessary documents for riding a bicycle. Be sure to check the registration number on the carriage unit with the one in the data sheet, as well as check the description of the bike and the reliability of the information provided on the cost, place and time of purchase. It is better to spend a little more time than to suddenly find out that the available documents do not correspond to the sold product.

And if you buy by hand

sample bicycle contract

Rarely can the seller of a bicycle give the buyer the available documents. As a rule, the papers are lost or discarded for lack of use. In this case, you may need a sample of bicycle documents, which you can download by following this link. Buying a bicycle from hand is possible, if the seller can provide you with the necessary documents. And here, too, do not forget to check whether the registration number on the frame coincides with the numbers in the technical passport. If a unique combination of numbers could not be found, it is better to refuse to buy and look for a bona fide seller.

Is it possible to check the bicycle in the database?

Some buyers, stumbling upon a tempting offer, agree to buy a bicycle from hand without documents, but, fearing problems, try to “check” the transport, that is, to find out whether it is listed as missing. Here, unfortunately, nothing can be done. Only a police officer has access to the database of stolen items. If, of course, you have useful acquaintances, you can get the information. Otherwise, you can learn about it only in an extremely unpleasant situation.


To summarize, we can say the following: keep the documents for the bike and demand them from the seller to avoid trouble. After all, today stores offer quite acceptable conditions for buying a bike: loans and installments, for example, for those who can not save the necessary amount, but want to ride very much. In this case you will have a good new bike, technical passport and warranty card. And this is much better than buying a used bike from hand without documents.

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    An alternative, so as not to carry a pile of papers – take a picture of the documents on your phone so that you can see the information.

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    I have a question. What if I lost the technical passport? What can I do? I have a Cugo V1.

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