Carriage of bicycles in the subway: features, rules of carriage

It’s hard to imagine a city without surface and underground transportation. The subway allows us to get to work or school unhindered, to save time and money, and to observe with interest the unusual inhabitants of the metropolis. Moreover, even those who have a car occasionally prefer the subway, as the subway (especially during rush hour) can get to their destination much faster. But all the charms of public transport fade into the background when you need to ride it with a very solid luggage. Today we’ll talk about whether you can bring your bicycle on the subway and how to do it in accordance with the rules of public transport.

When you need to bring a bicycle on the subway

bicycle in the subway

You should remember one simple truth – you can carry a bike in ground and underground transport, but you should do it in case of emergency. Remember that you not only create obstacles for the movement of other passengers, but also bring considerable discomfort, taking with a bike quite a lot of space. On this basis, we conclude about the situations in which you can carry a bike in the subway:

  1. When there is no moral and physical strength for the return trip.
  2. If the bike broke down.
  3. If the bike got as a gift or you just bought a new one.

You should choose a time of day that there were not so many people. Keep in mind that you don’t have time and desire to disassemble and assemble bikes, so you’ll transport them in a natural state by subway (except when you’re taking home the bike you bought or when you’re going to the nearest repair shop with it).

Rules of the subway

underground bicycle rules

According to the rules of use of surface and underground transport, passengers have the right to carry baggage that does not exceed the size and weight of the allowed norms. Let us stop in detail on points concerning luggage. According to them, there are the following restrictions:

  1. The passenger has the right to carry luggage, the size and weight of which does not exceed the established standards.
  2. It is forbidden to carry piercing, cutting and explosive items and substances.
  3. It is unacceptable that carried luggage may obstruct the exit and entrance of other passengers. Also luggage must not stain the interior of the car and other people.
  4. No unpacked luggage of any kind should be carried.
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So it turns out that the bicycle meets all the parameters of the last point. This means that you can transport it only after disassembling it and wrapping it in a case or plastic film. According to the rules of carrying a bicycle in the metro, it must meet the parameters of hand luggage – only then the passenger is entitled to free luggage.

How to carry a bicycle safely in the subway

pouching the bicycle

If you regularly use the subway and often travel with a bike, it’s more practical to get a special case and a minimal set of tools, with which you can quickly dismantle the front wheel and pack the bike. This is really the best option. For all other cyclists who prefer to ride two-wheeled transport, but sometimes face the need to go underground, the following information regarding the legal transportation of a bicycle in the subway will be useful.

Moscow Metro rules have special regulations concerning the carriage of bulky luggage:

  1. You can carry luggage for free if its combined length, width and height does not exceed 120 cm.
  2. If the length, height and width are between 121 cm and 150 cm you will need to pay a fee.
  3. Items with an aggregate length, width, and height greater than 150 cm cannot be taken on board.

Children’s bicycles and folding adult models are free of charge. It’s true that these rules don’t clearly describe exactly what adult folding bicycles should look like. Moving on: if you remove the front wheel, the bicycle is easily converted from a vehicle to the most common luggage, the size of which fits perfectly within the parameters of carry-on baggage. But remember that for every tricky cricket there is an extremely meticulous employee of the subway, with whom there may be serious disagreement. But we’ll tell you about how to get away with it a little later.

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Prohibitions in the subway

First of all, it is worth warning fans of extreme rides and those who want to make a funny video: riding a bike on the platform is prohibited. It is not only contrary to the rules of conduct in the subway, but also extremely dangerous to life and health.

When you enter a subway car with a bicycle, it’s better to take a seat at the beginning or end of the car, so as not to create obstacles for other passengers. Stand with your bike at the door only if you get off at the next station.

As for the other prohibitions and restrictions, you must clearly follow the rules of luggage steam train in the subway. If you do not violate anything, there will be no questions from the subway staff.


As promised, we analyze the situation with a particularly meticulous metro employee, who learned the rules of transportation of bicycles in the subway by heart. You can’t convince him that the removed front wheel is incontestable proof of folding. In this situation, it is better not to argue, and pay extra for a bicycle these few kopecks: yourself more expensive. And for the future is still better to buy a special case, if you often go to the subway with a bike.

Conclusion .

Nothing terrible in the underground transport for cyclists. But it is still better to think twice before you go down to the subway with a bike. It’s better to ride your bike a few stops, or look for other options. And remember that a special case solves many problems. In it you can easily transport your bike not only in the subway and city bus, but also in the train, and in long-distance trains.

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