Bike handlebar pad – what is it for, pros and cons

The bicycle is a practical means of transportation that has become increasingly popular of late. Manufacturers of accessories and spare parts are constantly working to make cyclists feel comfortable while riding. To this end, and was created a bed on the handlebars of bicycles. It is a specific design that is installed on the handlebars of bicycles to make the position of the cyclist more optimal.

Bicycle loungers are used both in individual road races to increase and maintain speed, and on touring trips to relieve stress on the back and relax the hands.

Why you need a bike handlebar pad

bicycle bed

To say that this device is an extremely necessary accessory, it is impossible. A bicycle handlebar pad is necessary for those who ride highway models or those who often go on long rides. However, even average mountain bike owners may notice the obvious benefits of this design.

A road bike is quite different from a mountain bike, with obvious advantages. It rides much easier, accelerates faster and allows you to experience all the pleasures of riding a two-wheeled vehicle. In addition, the wheels of highway models are equipped with special tires without aggressive tread, but with water-repellent grooves. And, perhaps, one of the most important features is the rider’s riding position. It should be as comfortable as possible and minimize headwind resistance. When accelerating to a decent speed, the rider presses down on the handlebars to reduce wind resistance, which prevents him or her from holding speed.

Simply lying on the handlebars is unsafe and ineffective. A purpose-built recliner improves the cyclist’s performance and ensures the rider sits comfortably. This design improves aerodynamic properties.

What is a bicycle lounge chair

The design is a specific handlebar attachment that has the shape of “horns”. Typically, bicycle beds are equipped with armrests for a more comfortable position of the body. Curved shape recliners prefer travelers, because this design allows you to relax your hands while riding. Straight-shaped recliners are most often seen on road bikes that take part in competitions.

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Advantages and disadvantages

pros and cons of the bicycle lounge

Anyone who at least once rode a bicycle for an hour or more, probably experienced all the “charms” of a long trip. Painful hands, sore neck, backache and even the heel speaks unflatteringly of this adventure. A trip with a bench seat is just the thing. With his help you can comfortably “lie down” on the handlebars and pedaling, rushing towards the horizon. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of bicycle beds:

  • The ability to change the position of the body during a long ride – the recliner allows you to reduce the load on the spine, as well as provide a comfortable position of the hands.
  • For the same effort cyclist speed with a recliner noticeably more than without it.
  • It is possible to change the length and height of the handlebar pad (this also applies to the armrests, their position can be changed at the rider’s discretion).
  • The use of the recliner allows you to change the position of the pelvis in relation to the saddle – this has a beneficial effect on the work of the internal organs.
  • While riding a bike with lounger involved the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms, which were inactive while riding without this accessory.
  • Most models are equipped with comfortable grips, made of soft material that prevent squeezing the veins of the hands.

An interesting point: with one easy move of your hand you can turn a mountain bike into an elegant road bike. To do this, just set the recliner on the handlebars. Modern designs bicycle beds are quickly removable, and this is another plus to the piggy bank of positive qualities.

What about the drawbacks? Nothing in our world is perfect, so in the velopadas found a few nuances:

  • Maneuverability decreases: with the attachment to the handlebars it becomes harder to control the bike. Therefore, set the bench to ride on city streets, where lightning-fast reactions are important, undesirable. But for quiet riding on a straight track – it is what you need.
  • In group competitions, you can not use the sunbed. The fact is that the design does not allow sufficient control of the brakes with your hands. If you have to make a sharp maneuver during the race, you can not cope with the control.
  • The first time may be a pain in the neck. But gradually your muscles will get used to the new position.
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Some cyclists get tired faster with a handlebar attachment due to the fact that the arms are pressed tightly against the chest, preventing air access. You may also experience discomfort from riding too low, with your knees touching your belly. In this case, simply adjust the height of the bench and its length.

How to choose a leash on a bicycle handlebar

bike handlebar pad

First, you need to measure the diameter of the handlebar in the place where you plan to attach the recliner. If you know the model of your handlebar, search online for its parameters and according to them will be guided when selecting the attachment.

If you don’t know anything about your handlebar, arm yourself with a caliper or other measuring device. It is important that the nozzle clamps fit the diameter of your handlebar (they may be slightly larger, but in this case you will have to use additional rubber spacers to make up the difference).

Types of restraints

When you have decided on the diameter of the rudder and the intended parameter of the sunbed, you can proceed directly to the selection of the product, depending on its type:

  • Curved shape. If you – a fan of long journeys, pay attention to this design. The curved recliner with neoprene grips effectively smoothes vibrations and provides a comfortable fit for the cyclist.
  • Straight shape. This is the best option for athletes who care about speed performance. Engineers claim that such a design allows a 20% increase in speed by reducing wind resistance. Yes, the arms get tired faster with a straight blade, so if speed is not important to you, there is no point in buying it.
  • Rudder-butterfly. The indisputable advantage of this design is the ability to change the position of the hands. This attachment is suitable for long journeys both on the rolled asphalt and on the unpaved road.

If you have decided on the most suitable design for you bike lounge, you can consider the variations of materials.

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Choice of material

Aluminum is one of the most common manufacturing materials. Designs are sufficiently strong and reliable, stiffness and lightness. But in the case of sunbeds, stiffness is more of a disadvantage: aluminum has very low elasticity, so it cannot provide the necessary cushioning. If the bench is not equipped with grips, the hands of the cyclist will quickly get tired because of vibrations.

A more suitable material is carbon or carbon fiber. The fact that carbon fiber is woven to achieve maximum density of the product – this material is difficult to tear across. Another plus in the piggy bank of carbon beds – not much weight. Therefore, products made of this material almost does not affect the overall weight of the bicycle.

Installing the sunbed on a bicycle handlebar

Almost all structures are attached with clamps. To avoid damaging the coating of the rudder, it is desirable to place rubber pads under the clamp. After installing the leash, ride a little, look closely at his position, pay attention to discomfort, if any. Take this point seriously, because the wrong position of the body while driving can have adverse effects on your health.

Once you have found the right position for you, tighten the clamps, so that the bed does not move during movement.


Installing a recliner on the handlebars of road bike gives a lot of advantages: the design allows you to increase the speed of the cyclist, as well as providing a comfortable position during a long ride. If you responsibly approach the choice of the handlebar attachment, you can get not just a stylish accessory that transforms the appearance of the bicycle, but also a really useful device that will allow you to get even more positive emotions from riding a bike.

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