Bicycle headlamp with your own hands – step by step instructions for making

It is not safe to ride your bicycle at night or at night without a headlight. It illuminates the road, makes it possible to see the cyclist from afar, and prevents the creation of accidents on the road. Bicycle headlamp can be purchased in a store, on the market or make your own hands. Homemade bicycle headlight will save you money and create conditions for safe travel on a dark road.

Why is it worth making a bicycle headlamp with your own hands


Bicycle headlamps from well-known manufacturers are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. Inexpensive headlamps can be of poor quality, so it is best to make it your own hands. In addition, homemade bicycle headlamp-unique element of bicycles, which will distinguish your two-wheeled vehicle from other models. To make a bicycle headlamp with his own hands, you need to be creative and imaginative. If you decide to make a headlamp on your own, you can use bright high-power LEDs at will.


Before you make a headlamp on a bicycle with your own hands, it is important to draw its scheme. We use three LEDs. We connect them in series. The capacitors are placed in parallel to the chain of LEDs. The current through them is 50mA.

How to make a bicycle headlamp with his own hands

It is not difficult to make a bicycle headlamp yourself. The main thing is to find a suitable body. Let’s look at the process of making a bike headlamp with a mesh backing.

  1. The disk, on which will be fixed LEDs, will be made of aluminum. The thickness of the metal is 3mm.
  2. On a circle diameter of 50mm make four holes:
  • 3 on the sides and one in the center. The diameter of the three side holes is 3.5 mm, and the diameter of the central hole is slightly smaller – 3.4 mm. Threads are made on it.
  • Collimator legs are inserted into the side holes, and then LEDs are attached with mounting thermal adhesive.
  1. At the edge of the disk drill a hole with a diameter of 3.3 mm and make a thread in it. This hole is needed to install the capacitors.
  2. The grid is removed from the pepperpot, the protective ring is put aside.
  3. Cut a glass disk from the protective glasses.
  4. A sealing ring is placed in the lid, the glass disk and secured with the protective ring. Silicone adhesive can be used for better fixation.
  5. Cut off the bottom part of the pepperbox so that the collimator and LEDs are in tight contact with it.
  6. A 4 mm hole is drilled from the side of the housing to connect the LEDs to the cable.

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What do you need high-power LEDs for

To make a homemade bicycle headlight you need powerful LEDs. They allow you to brightly illuminate the road at night. The best solution is Luxeon LEDs.

Properties of a homemade headlamp with LEDs

Homemade headlight with powerful LEDs has a number of positive properties.

  1. One of the important qualities of a homemade headlight on a bicycle is considered a bright light. Some purchase models of headlights shine so weakly that they can only indicate the bike on the road. Homemade headlamp with powerful LEDs is suitable for completely dark areas of the road, as well as in the woods.
  2. The body for the homemade bicycle headlamp is made of stainless steel, so it will last long enough.
  3. The size of the headlamp is small, so it has a low weight.
  4. Assembling a headlamp with your own hands is quite simple and convenient.
  5. Thanks to a powerful battery, the headlamp holds a charge for a long time.

Making a mount for a bicycle headlight

Bicycle headlight mount

Install a bicycle headlight on the handlebars using special mounts, which you can make yourself.

Preparing the mounts

As fasteners use a clamp, which is made from two metal staples with a diameter of 2 mm. Carefully make holes in the staples.


An aluminum corner is used as a base. To prevent it from slipping, it is glued to 2 sides with a rubber gasket. Drill a hole in the corner and screw it to the handlebar with a screw and nut.

How to install the headlamp on a bicycle

bicycle light installation

Bicycle headlamp is placed easily and quickly. A pad is placed under the brackets. The headlamp is fastened to them with a bolt and nut.


Homemade headlamp on a bicycle will help you ride your bike at any time of day. It will not only brighten your way, but also save you money and make your bike unique.

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    What a great tutorial! Making your own bicycle headlamp seems like a tricky project, but with these step-by-step instructions it looks doable. Thanks for providing such useful and informative information!

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