Bicycle for the woods and the city – what bicycle to choose

There are a lot of bicycles, manufacturers, experts in the world. When you come to the store, your eyes are immediately diverted. What to pay attention to, how not to make a mistake when choosing a bicycle for the city and off-road? The cheapest models are always heavy, the components are unreliable, and riding is not safe. Even saddles of different sizes manufacturers put on bikes for a reason. Riding a bike with the wrong frame, tire width or brakes is not fun, and the desire to ride is lost. To avoid making mistakes, the cyclist should think about where he will ride and what model is suitable for the style of riding. Knowing the answers, you can give the input to the consultant in the store or pick up a means of transportation yourself.

Characteristics that a bicycle for the city and the woods must have

a bike for the woods and off-road

The city bike category includes subspecies: cruisers, hybrids, folding bikes, comfort bikes, road bikes, and others. It’s easy for novice riders to get confused by the variety. Many models will fall away once you determine where to ride. For example, cruisers are suitable for leisurely rides on short distances. Highway bikes, on the other hand, will be needed for longer distances and speeds with a sporty fit.

What bicycle to choose for the city and off-road for an adult, so that you can easily cover distances and the design is not heavy? There are no classic two-wheelers, but there are general characteristics that models of this purpose should meet. For riding in the city with paved roads and sidewalks, forest paths of the vehicle does not require increased power. Therefore, the bike is selected according to the following indicators:

  • lightness;
  • maneuverability;
  • the ability to pick up speed easily;
  • reliability and safety of the package.

Recreational and touring bikes should have debugged brakes, a strong frame, a modern gear system. For long journeys on rough terrain and the city is not suitable rigid sports saddle, as the biker rides without special bike shorts with pampers. The ideal is an anatomical saddle with soft inserts, which damps vibration from poor road surfaces and delivers more comfort.

When riding with obstacles and uneven piste, a good shock-absorbing fork will appeal more. The bike will be lighter and easier for the biker to climb because of the lack of sway. The type of model should match the height of the rider. The handlebar can be any shape (low, high, with curves). The correct solution – a flat design for 600 mm. The width is convenient when riding between cars or on narrow forest trails.

What type of bicycle is right for you

Speaking of city bikes, first of all consider bikes on 28-inch wheels with fenders and racks. Utilitarian means of transportation are designed for trips around the city, to work, on business. Wide seats, footrests, and lanterns are usually present.

Comfortable and practical hybrids weighing 12 kg are suitable for leisure and business trips within the city limits. Bicycles with an aluminum frame have a comfortable riding position due to their geometry, are well controlled due to the inclination of the steering tube and narrow handlebar. The choice of rubber is important for the urban means of transportation. The bikes have 35-40 mm wide tires with an anti-skid layer. Moisture-wicking grooves provide good traction on wet asphalt. City bikes should have a gear system so that the rider can easily overcome any terrain. Requirements for the unit: large stars to maintain speed, and a cassette, not a ratchet, should be on the back.

Road surfaces

Depending on the material and layers covering the upper “clothing” of the road, choose the type of bike: mountain bike, road bike, hybrid, etc.

  1. Highway bikes with a multi-speed gear system and front shock absorber are equipped with additional adjustments that allow you to ride with a straight back and relaxed arms. Models in this class are equipped with padded seats and handlebars, comfortable pedals and other useful options. For example, on the dynamic Stels xt280 installed aluminum frame, wheels with hard tires (700x25C), switch SHIMANO RD-A070, wheels with a diameter of 28 inches. Pincher brakes provide a quick stop bike weighing 12.2 kg.

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Merida Juliet 7

Another popular model Merida Juliet 7, which is suitable for active riding on city roads and rough terrain. Design features:

  • hydraulic disc brakes;
  • Shock-absorbing fork;
  • 27 speeds;
  • technological aluminum frame;
  • good brakes;
  • comfortable saddle.
  1. Folding bikes solve the problem of moving in public transport. Compact models can easily be placed in the trunk of the car and even in a backpack. Manufacturers offer a variety of options for a comfortable design. Classic bikes with fenders and luggage rack are produced by the company Author. The lightest folding bikes weighing 10 kg – Strida. Premium models are made at The Global Bicycle Company.
  2. Cruisers. Electraloft is a stylish, fashionable model with a retro patina. The bike is made of polished unpainted aluminum. Round tubes, classic geometry, fenders, fittings look the same. Unitary hub has advantages over conventional shifters: the whole mechanism is hidden in the hub itself, does not catch anything, allows you to switch without pedaling. You can even use the grypshift while standing at a stoplight. Height of a handlebar can be adjusted by a threaded column. Model with 7 speeds, lightweight claw-type brakes, bent inward comfortable handlebar, is considered the most minimalist for urban riding.
  3. Trek FX 3 – the updated city bike 2020 is available in two colors: matte burgundy and gloss black. The weight is 11.74 kg (including heavy pedals). All wiring is inside the frame. Hydraulic disc brakes, carbon fork, wheels – 28 inches, wide seat, straight handlebar. Helium grips have 2 aluminum locks with plugs. There are mounts for the trunk and fenders. Lightweight, comfortable bike rides well on city roads and forest trails.
  4. Mountain bikes without a sporty focus are designed for moderate riding on roads with different surfaces or off-road. Cheap models are considered recreational bikes. For example, the Horst Tempo is assembled from Shimano attachments. Due to the aluminum frame lightweight design weighs 16.1 kg (sports options exceed 20 kg). The bike has an entry-level shock-absorption fork, double rims, a wide comfortable saddle, disc brakes.

In terms of class

A bicycle for the city and forest is chosen depending on experience and riding style. The riding class can be beginner, amateur and professional. A few examples:

  1. Forward Next 27 is suitable for inexperienced cyclists. Inexpensive entry-level bike provides the opportunity to ride on rough terrain and ride on the city bicycle tracks. With the help of attachments you can easily choose the right gear for downhill or Uphill—how-to-learn–tips. Shock-absorbing fork, 27 inch wheels with 100 mm stroke help you overcome long distances.
  2. Mountain bike Giant Talon – inexpensive model of the series of hardtails. The design is assembled from lightweight aluminum alloy, designed for easy riding on urban asphalt and off-road. Hydraulic brakes provide safety during emergency stops. Rapidly changing road surfaces do not affect the comfort of the rider thanks to the soft fork with remote lockout. Shimano’s bodywork is suitable for intermediate level amateur cyclists.
  3. The THOMPSON bicycle from HORH is the most comfortable and reliable model for professionals. The bike with an aluminum frame has internal cable routing, industrial bearings in the hub. A stationary footrest prevents the bike from falling even in strong winds. Shock-absorbing fork, 28-inch wheels, mechanical disc brakes – all this allows you to ride in any weather.

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By age

According to age and wheel size, two-wheelers are divided into children’s, teenage and adult bikes. Older people, people with disabilities are recommended to buy bicycles with an electric motor.

For urban roads perfectly suited tandems, designed for paired riding. Features of bicycles: 24-26 inch wheels, multiple speeds, planetary hub with rear brake.

Fixed Gear

There are new models on the market – Fixed Gear (fixes). The minimalism of the bike with one fixed gear will interest teenagers who are ready for a new experience. The peculiarity of the design is that you can brake by shifting the center of gravity of your body forward.

For older people, the best bikes are considered choppers. A comfortable ride on large cruisers is a pleasure. A few revolutions of the pedals, and the bike itself is driving further. Accessories: planetary hubs with rear foot brake, 1-8 speeds, 20-26 inch wheels.


Men’s, women’s and unisex bikes differ in frame shape and are indicated by a small letter in the name. In models for girls, the open frame is lowered or absent compared to the version for men. Women’s city bikes, painted in bright colors, are fitted with a comfortable wide saddle.

SCOTT SUB COMFORT 20 Unisex is called the most “stuffed” city bike for any gender. Aluminum frame, tilt-adjustable stem, bent toward the rider handlebar makes it easy to handle. Shock absorbing fork travel 80 mm, 28-inch wheels with wide tires smooth out the bumps in the road. The bike is equipped with lights and tail lights, which are powered from the hub dynamo. As soon as the bike starts riding, electricity is generated. The higher the speed, the brighter the lights.

Inexpensive Forward Next 27 is also considered a universal means of transportation on city roads and off-road for men and women. An arranged lock automatically locks the bike, and the footrest allows you to park in any convenient place.

By shock absorbers

The main function of the suspension of the vehicle is to provide reliable traction of the wheels with the road surface, to soften the jolts and shocks. City bikes are divided by the presence of shock absorbers:

  • with a rigid frame and fork;
  • single shock fork;
  • two-pods;
  • Bicycles without shock absorbers.

On road bikes are usually put inexpensive spring forks with a stroke of 60 mm, which reduces the load on the hands. If you ride on smooth asphalt, such a device is enough. But for quality suspension work it is better to choose a mountain model with 80-100 mm shock absorber stroke. On a universal design with air forks you can ride on any roads. Sometimes on city bikes shock absorbers are put not only on the front fork, but also in the seat tube. Cycling becomes more comfortable. Fans of speed riding choose the stiffness, which can be adjusted with a screw placed in the tube.

On entry-level city bikes (road bikes, BMX bikes) shock absorbers are not put. On hardtails set the front shock-absorbing fork stroke of 30-300 mm – the size depends on the conditions of use of the bike. The device makes the bike more controllable off-road, and the ride is comfortable. On two-pods, designed for city skating, there are front and rear shock absorbers with a small stroke. Mountain bikes are available with 3 types of suspension: with one or two shock absorbers, without the device.

How to choose a bicycle

Choosing a bicycle for the woods

To buy a bike for riding in the city and the woods, you need to have a clear idea of the type, the parameters of a suitable model, the approximate purchase budget. Answer the questions in advance:

  • who the vehicle is intended for (an adult man, a frail woman or an elderly person);
  • What age, weight, height of the future owner;
  • Physical fitness of the rider.

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To buy a bike that will bring a lot of positive emotions, will help the following rules:

  1. For city riding and walks in the woods, you should not immediately choose a branded model. Even an expensive bike in the future will require repair. Replacement of component parts can be comparable in cost to the entry-level bike.
  2. For riding on smooth pavement, use large wheels with a diameter of 28 inches.
  3. Put 26-inch wheels on your bike if you often ride on unpaved roads.
  4. For city bike tires a rule of thumb: the flatter the track, the smaller the tread and narrower the tire.
  5. Decide on the number of gears. The more speeds, the better the load is matched.
  6. A city bike is characterized by good passing, if the front large sprocket has 42-44 teeth.

Hybrids have hard or soft shock-absorbing forks. If you will ride on paved surfaces and the roadway, the first option is fully satisfied. The bike will be lighter, and it’s easier for the biker to climb climbs because of the lack of sway. When riding with obstacles and bumps in the road, a bike with a shock-absorbing fork will like it better.

Are there any pitfalls

When choosing a bicycle for the city and off-road, you should consider the following nuances:

It is not enough to buy a bike of the right model. The bike should serve at least two seasons without significant cost. So do not save when buying a budget version.

Vendors in bike stores are reluctant to meet the consumer in case of errors with the choice of means of transportation. Therefore, stipulate the options of upgrading in advance.

When buying a two-pod with inexpensive shock absorbers bikers face the problem of a significant loss of speed.

The best bicycle models for the city and forest

Not every cyclist can spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a two-wheeler. The table shows budget options for the best models for urban and forest rides.

Price category up to 30 thousand rubles. Cost above 31 thousand rubles.
Stylish Giant Rincon LTD 26 (21 gears, Shimano brakes) City bike Electra (elite-class model combines comfort, durability, fashionable design)
German Cube Aim 26 DISC (reliable frame, basic configuration of attachments, high comfort saddle) Women’s bike Kross Lea F4 (the best model in its category: 24 gears, Shimano Alivio shifter, double rim with hubcaps)
Czech Authot Meteor (hydraulic disc brakes, soft fork, double rims, weight – 13 kg) Taiwanese Merida Matts 6. 40-D (soft-travel, non-disassembled bearing cartridge, spring fork)
Smart Machine 90 (the Russian manufacturer has released a lightweight, well-equipped model for country walks) American Specialized Rockhopper (disc brakes with hydraulics, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, 3 types of wheels, weight – less than 12 kg).


The city bike has become a necessary means of transportation. Many people prefer all-purpose mountain bikes. But if a person is going to ride on paved paths in parks and will not ride on rough terrain, he does not need a sports model with a low riding position, bared tires and a narrow saddle. There are opposite situations when a beginner for rides on forest trails chooses a bike with narrow wheels without cushioning. Make no mistake. The right model lasts a long time and is a lot of fun for any biker.

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