How to remove the bike chain without a lock – step-by-step instructions

It’s nice to ride a bike in dry, warm weather, feel the breeze, admire the beauty of nature. But sometimes during a pleasant ride there is trouble – the chain can unlock. On how to remove the chain from a bicycle without locking, and we will talk.

Individual sections of the chain on the bikes of domestic manufacturers are connected by locks, which are not difficult to disconnect if you need to replace it. The stroke of the chain in conventional bikes is straight, with no deviation from the sprockets. Speed bikes are more delicate and prone to mechanical damage. The solid chain in them is located at an angle to the frame and the sprockets are not connected in a straight line. Therefore, their owners are often faced with the task of removing the chain from the speed bicycle without a lock. Our article will help owners of different bikes in this.

In what situations it is necessary to remove the chain from the bike

Removing the bicycle chain without a lock

The bike chain without a lock is required to be removed in a number of cases:

  1. When you need to replace old parts;
  2. If you decide to put a new gear shift on your bike;
  3. Sometimes you need to shorten the links by a few teeth or lengthen the chain for greater convenience;
  4. Your bike needs to be cleaned of dirt;
  5. The bike needs lubrication. Generally, you use grease.

Needed tool

The tool for disconnecting the links from the bike is a squeezer. It resembles a child’s vise without a frame. The device is sold separately or is included in a bicycle kit – a multitool. Squeezers come in a variety of sizes from different manufacturers. If you don’t have a wringer, you can use a nail, nuts, and hammer. You may need pliers or pincers, thin wire.

Causes of chain slipping through the sprockets

gear grinding

Often during shifting, especially when you need to go Uphill—how-to-learn–tips and the pedal pressure is at its maximum, there is a slippage of the links through the sprockets.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. elongation of the links due to wear on the rollers and rollers;
  2. wear on the teeth of the rear and front stars;
  3. Sometimes both causes occur at the same time;
  4. Improper gear shifting.

There is a chain wear indicator that monitors the degree of chain wear and shows when the chain links should be replaced.

How to use a chain puller

chain clamp

Before we understand how to remove the chain from the bike without a lock at home, let’s look at its design. The links are connected by inner and outer half-links. The half-links are fastened together by a pin-special axle, on which the roller is located. The roller touches the teeth of the sprockets.

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If it has a lock, you can’t disconnect it with a wringer. The clamp is needed to disconnect the bike chain. To disconnect the outer and inner half-links from each other, you must pull out the pin that connects them. The connecting chip should not be touched because it is thicker and wears out quickly. Therefore, if you reuse the connecting pin, the links may break faster and the chain will fail.

After selecting the pin, you put the links in the crimp so that the screw is close to them to avoid damaging them. The pinch pin and the links are securely locked by the screw. The pinch pin should be pushed against the pin. Turn the screw slowly and carefully to avoid damaging its parts. If you change it often, you have to squeeze different pins, or the chain will not last long.

Step-by-step instructions for disconnecting a chain without a lock and a wringer

It’s easy to remove a link even in an unlocked chain. Here’s how to unlock a bike chain without a clamp

  1. First determine which section needs to be disconnected.
  2. The pin should be opposite the clamping axis.
  3. The adjusting screw fixes the links so that they stand firmly and do not bend.
  4. The pin should be fully extruded by turning the knob.
  5. Open the chain. Unnecessary parts are removed. The remaining links are washed and lubricated.
  6. Links are joined together by stacking them on top of each other. A pin prevents the links from separating from each other. The pin in the cheek is pointed in your direction. The pin should align with the sleeve. The cheeks disengage with pliers.
  7. Then press the pin by inserting the chain into the crimp so that it aligns with the rod. Rotate the funnel until the pin is fully seated in the hole.
  8. Check if the pin and link jaws are symmetrically located and adjust them.
  9. Find out the mobility of the links and adjust them with pliers.
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Can you remove a bike chain without a wringer

If during a bike ride and an unexpected failure you did not have a c-clamp on hand, do not worry, any improvised material will help you free yourself from the extra links and return the bike to working condition. Think a little, look around and you will find a way to remove the chain from a bike without the crimp.

Back in Soviet times it was disconnected with an ordinary stone. To do this, the axle was placed in the joints between the stones of the curb and a nail or a sharp object knocked out the pin. Then the links were put back together. Soviet-era single-speed chains were strong and sturdy and would withstand any blow. Removing links from a sport bike is more difficult because multi-speed models are more delicate and you can bend the links.

Instructions on how to change a chain from a bicycle without a squeeze

self-tapping dowel

“How do I remove a bike chain without a lock and without a wringer?” This question is often asked by owners of different bikes. If the clamp is missing, it can be replaced by any nail, dowel or drill bit, which will serve as a pin for knocking out the pin. You will need a hammer in addition to the pin if you don’t have a pin squeegee. Take off the links without the squeeze should be careful not to strong blow not to damage their plates. A nut should be placed inside and under the link in this case. A nail is inserted into the link and the pin is knocked out with a hammer. It slips into the nut hole corresponding to its size.


We have told you how to remove the chain from the bike without a lock with a wringer. Try to carefully, without damaging the links to squeeze out the pin, remove the extra sections and put the chain back in place. Now you know how to remove the chain from a mountain bike without a lock, from a speed bike and other types of bikes. We are sure that our tips will help you replace it and continue on your bike, troubleshooting.

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