How to open a bicycle combination lock: ways

Sooner or later any cyclist will encounter a common problem: how to open a bicycle combination lock, and in particular, how to properly pick your own bicycle combination lock.

It is unthinkable to move on the roads without stopping afterwards, and it is impossible to take your bicycle with you everywhere. Either way, you have to leave it on the street for a while. If you do not want to lose your favorite transport, you should take care about safety and prevent possible theft.

It is worth buying a reliable lock for your bicycle. Bicycle locks come in several types: code, digital or with a key. After buying it, you need to know how to open it in case the owner forgets the code or loses the key.

How the combination lock works

how the bike lock works

To understand how to open the code lock on a bicycle, let’s learn more about the design of the elements of the code lock to get acquainted with the basic principles of the mechanism.

First, the lock has code discs, usually three to five pieces. The number of discs determines the length of the code: three discs – three-digit “000”; four – four-digit “0000”. If you forget a code, either a 4-digit or a 5-digit code, you will need to pick the appropriate combination of digits to open the bicycle code lock.

The dials are rotated by pressing your finger, which causes the digits to change. The factory correct combination for any lock consists of zeros only. After purchase, change the digit sequence from the bike lock to the desired one, while it is important not to forget the code so that in the future not to torment yourself with the question of how to open it.

How Reliable is the Bike Lock Code

There are two common ways to open the bike lock such as: picking the right combination or trivial bite the lock.

The degree of reliability of the lock will be directly proportional to the level of difficulty of the break-in. All you need is time and patience to find the right combination. An experienced attacker sometimes needs half an hour to find the combination. It follows that you should not save on buying a lock if you do not want to give your bicycle to a burglar.

How else can you ensure the safety of the bike, in addition to the use of the code bike lock, which may well open if you want an intruder?

  1. A bike lock that locks the wheel and frame of your bike at the same time.
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  • Very reliable option that will not leave scratches on the body of the bike.
  • Has a low weight, does not take up much space, with ease of attachment to the frame.
  • Opens with a key.


  • High cost.
  • Risk of losing the key.
  • Probability of theft by loading the bike into a car, since the bike is not attached to surrounding objects.
  1. Plate or cable types of locks.


  • Low cost.
  • Convenient to store, takes up little space.


  • Easiest option to open with tools.
  1. Chain lock.


  • High level of reliability.
  • Impossibility to saw through the steel chain with improvised tools.


  • Solid weight, which makes it problematic to carry with you all the time.
  • Large size, which can cause difficulty in storage.
  1. Alarms.


  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight, compact.


  • Often no instruction manual in Russian.
  • Alarm can sound too loud.
  • The need to periodically replace the batteries.
  1. U-shaped lock.


  • Good reliability.
  • Low cost of the lock.


  • Risk of losing the key.
  • Bulky design.
  • Limited use, since not all surrounding objects can be attached to it due to the small girth size.
  1. Electronic lock. Activates and unlocks via an app on your phone or tablet.


  • Availability of a GPS system, which allows you to track the bike’s location online.
  • Charges from the movement of the bike.


  • High cost.
  • Requires a gadget for use at your fingertips.

Setting up a bike code lock

Setting up a bicycle key lock

To understand how to open a bike lock with a code, you need to know the password. Be sure to change the factory sequence of digits to make it harder to break in. Many owners are lazy to do this and lose their bike as a result.

Procedure for changing the code lock password:

  1. Open the lock using the factory combination. Usually it is “0000” or “5555”.
  2. Find the special ring near the digits, slide it according to the direction of the arrow to the maximum position.
  3. Enter the new digit combination.
  4. Return the special ring to its previous position.
  5. Use the lock for its intended purpose.

After changing the password make sure to write it down, or use the combination of digits important to you date. Otherwise, you will encounter a common situation where you will wonder how to open the bicycle code lock if you forget the code.

And this situation is far from uncommon.

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The simple combination lock

The most simple variant of the code lock has three or four windows for the numbers. One hour is enough to enter the possible combinations, the number of which is 1000 units.

If on the one hand, this simplifies the cases in which the owner forgot the code and wants to know how to open the bike lock on their own. On the other hand, this ease of the hacking process attracts many amateurs for profit.

How to open the bicycle code lock, if you forgot the number combination?

  1. Enter a combination of identical numbers. For example, “0000” or “1111.”
  2. Stretch the lock design in opposite directions.
  3. Alternate the digits one by one. If the sequence of adjacent digits is correct, a characteristic gap will appear.
  4. Continue changing the digits until you get all the gaps, which will cause the lock to open.

With most models, you will feel the mechanisms vibrate or hear a click when opening.

Cyclotech Code Lock

Cyclotech code lock

If you forget the password to a bike lock like the Cyclotech, it will be harder to open, but not impossible. All it takes is persistence and a little extra time.

How do I open a Cyclotech bike lock?

  1. Set any first digit.
  2. Determine where the mark is, through which the digit must pass to move to the next level.
  3. Pass the found marker on each level. Continue until you get the original combination on the new level.
  4. On the third level, scroll the toggle switch in the opposite direction, i.e. counterclockwise.

There is a second way how to open the bicycle lock. This option will suit you better if you are not distinguished by assiduity or do not have a lot of time. Procedure:

  1. Open the plastic guard to gain access to the mechanism that holds the code discs.
  2. Take out the end stud as well as the spring that compresses the number drums.
  3. Pull out all the drums and the washers between them. To remove the washers, twist them clockwise.
  4. After removing the last drum, pull the cable.
  5. The lock will open.

Next, put all the elements back in their original places. Choose the combination that is easier for you as your new code.

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two bike locks

Unfortunately, the question of how to open a keyless bike lock can be asked not only by owners, but also by thieves. It is worth securing your possessions so that you do not lose your precious item.

Use the following tips to improve your security:

  • Leave your bike unattended as infrequently as possible to avoid provoking intruders.
  • Write down the serial number of your bicycle so you can give it to the police if you get into trouble.
  • Use more than one lock at a time to make it more difficult to break in.
  • Get quality locks that will protect your bike if necessary, not just hang as decoration.
  • Remove anything of value and take it with you if you need to leave your bike unattended for an extended period of time.

Tips for choosing a code lock for your bike

To make sure the lock is as useful as possible and as efficient as possible to use, use these tips before you buy:

  • Pay attention to the brand. Buy only genuine models, not cheap copies that will not provide the proper level of protection.
  • Choose among quality materials that are problematic to bite with tools. The best option is a lock with hardened steel elements.
  • Make sure that the mechanism actually works and closes every time you need it.
  • Choose one that does not make a clicking or vibration noise when you punch in the code that is characteristic of finding the right password.
  • Buy more than one bike lock at a time to increase the level of security.


Even a child is able to learn how to open a keyless bike lock on their own. Of course, the best way to secure your property is simply not to leave your bike unattended. But if you can’t avoid this situation, the bike lock can help.

If you forget the code, don’t get upset and don’t start looking for tools to cut the lock. Try to remember the combination or open the mechanism yourself. Believe me, it’s not that difficult. This way you will save yourself the extra expense of buying a new security feature.

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