How to convert an ordinary bicycle into a speed bike

Sooner or later the owner of the most ordinary bicycle has the desire to transform his transport a little. And while some people limit themselves to a little tuning, others start looking for ways to turn an ordinary bicycle into a speed bike. They may say to him, “Come on, it’s easier to buy a new one and not bother. But our guy or a beautiful lady is not out of the woods and some time in the workshop – a pleasant pastime that allows you to assemble your own iron horse. Let’s do it!

Single Speed VS Multi Speed

Conversion from a normal bike to a speed bike

Despite the total saturation of stores with modern models of sports and mountain bikes, there are ardent fans of classic urban bikes, having only one speed mode, who never on earth would not trade it even for the most advanced and reliable bike model.

And indeed, for imposing walks on city streets and park lanes, embankments and smooth wide sidewalks, the presence of a multi-speed bike is not so necessary. Here quite suits an ordinary recreational bike – he and the pocket does not hit, and in terms of service is not capricious.

And when we are talking about a trip to gravel roads or loose soil, trips to meadows and woodlands, there is already needed a more powerful unit, able to easily overcome off-road and to withstand considerable load. Such models have a whole range of advantages:

  1. the ability to climb Uphill—how-to-learn–tips in low gears;
  2. Reduced effort required in headwinds;
  3. good acceleration on flat roads;
  4. maximum adjustment to suit the rider’s riding style and preferences;
  5. less fatigue for the rider;
  6. a better braking system.

Now let’s take a look at another participant in the “battle” – single-speed bicycles. Their simple, as well as all ingenious, design is reliable – you can see it right away. As for the other pluses, we can highlight the following:

  1. low cost;
  2. unpretentiousness in service (elements of transmission are almost indestructible);
  3. New chain can easily be lapped to old sprockets (in the case of multi-speed models this trick won’t work);
  4. Great workout for all your muscle groups;
  5. Allows you to learn to pedal quickly.

By the way, modern single-speed bicycles have an attractive design and lightweight construction. At the same time, manufacturers of sports models do not lag behind, making lightweight bikes that open up opportunities for riding in different conditions.

So if you have a desire to independently convert an ordinary bike into a high-speed – we prepare the necessary tools, find the necessary parts, buy the missing parts, turn on nice music and start working.

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Necessary tools

In fact, the entire remodeling comes down to the installation of the mechanism responsible for shifting gears. This process we will consider step by step a little later. If desired, you can change the frame, install other wheels with a wider profile and aggressive tread pattern, replace the handlebars and put a more ergonomic saddle for a comfortable landing of the cyclist. These are details that can be easily handled even by someone who has only a theoretical understanding of repair.

As for the basic process, you will need the following tools:

  1. Standard cyclist’s garage kit: a set of hexes, a wrench, a screwdriver.
  2. Spoke wrench (in a pinch, you can use ordinary pliers).
  3. Clamp for the chain.
  4. A cassette extractor.
  5. Sharpening machine (optional, but very desirable).
  6. Consumables: cables, clamps, etc.

Everything you need for the work can probably be found in every garage. Otherwise, you can always find a person who will allow you to use his tools. But the parts and parts that will be needed for upgrading, it is better to buy new – they will last longer, and there will be no problems with installation.

Parts needed

6-star rear cassette

Since we remake a normal bike into a high-speed with their own hands, then, accordingly, we need the basis, that is, directly the bike itself. We will break down the step-by-step process of remodeling on the example of a single-speed bike. Let’s try to turn it into a speed model with a single shift system. What we need:

  • singlespeed;
  • a non-torque hub;
  • v-brakes or pliers (front and rear);
  • a six-star rear cassette;
  • two speed-bike chains;
  • derailleur;
  • shifting lever.

Going shopping at your nearest bike store, decide in advance on the type of brakes. Pay attention to the feathers and fork: if they do not have recesses for brakes (on classic frames, by the way, they do not), then buy “pliers. If they have slots we can buy v-brakes.

For those who are not looking for easy ways – set a similar fork under the vectors, and back to put a pincer. But here you will have to remove and change the fork.

Step by step instructions

Instructions for converting a bike into a speedboat

It must be said, those who have decided to remake an ordinary bike into a speed bike – people who are not afraid of difficulties. The process is very painstaking and time-consuming, but the resources spent will more than repay the pleasure received from the work done. So, let’s begin:

  1. Let’s take off a back wheel. It needs to be disassembled.
  2. Remove the chain, it is no longer needed.
  3. Use a pulley to make a 128 link chain suitable for a six-speed cassette.
  4. Then install a non-storming hub in the rear wheel. The process can be divided into 3 steps: removing the old hub, retightening the spokes of the wheel and installing the new part. It’s very difficult to re-tighten the spokes yourself – it’s better to trust an experienced technician with this job. The easiest option is to buy a ready-made wheel with a 6-star cassette.
  5. Using a cassette puller, install the sprockets.
  6. It is impossible to install the rear wheel on the feathers of the classic frame – the speed hubs are slightly wider. But it’s possible to slightly unclench the feathers by couple centimeters (it’s better to do it on the machine tool).
  7. Next, we put the derailleur with fixing on the axle, since the design of the classic frames does not provide for the corresponding fixing.
  8. Mount the front brake as usual.
  9. The front cog on single-speed bikes has thicker teeth, so the multi-speed chain won’t fit on it. You need to grind some teeth on a machine or by hand with a file.
  10. Assemble the bike: put the wheel on the dropouts of the feathers, the front sprocket on the carriage, and close the bike chain.
  11. When the rear wheel is in its place, install the “pincer”.
  12. Install the rear derailleur shifter.
  13. Connect the shifter and the derailleur, fasten the cable to the upper tube of the frame with clamps.
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All that remains is to tune the transmission and check the coherence of all mechanisms. In fact, the bulk of the work is done – it was enough to change the configuration of the transmission and put more efficient brakes. It remains for a small thing – a little tuning of the new bike. It can be painted, put a more comfortable seat, ergonomic handlebar of the “ram’s horns” type, etc.


Making an ordinary bike into a speed bike is not difficult, as it may seem at first glance. If you are not afraid of painstaking and consistent work, used to thoroughly and scrupulously understand the details, then literally in one day you can transform the bike beyond recognition.

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